Ranking the automotive Super Bowl ads

by karlhenk

Detroit — Automakers showed 12 commercials during Super Bowl XLVII. About half were hits, the other half misses. Space babies, Jamaican accents and crazy storylines didn’t register well on my radar. Here’s five that did:

1. Audi, “Prom”

Easily the best creative storyline. Relatable to most all. Memorable.

2. Mercedes-Benz, “Soul”

A lot less Kate Upton than most of us wanted, but the connection between a gaggle of attractive women and a $30,000 Benz could not have been made more succinctly.

3. Jeep, “Whole Again”

Two years ago, Chrysler won the hearts of Detroit with its “Imported from Detroit” ad. Now, the automaker’s Jeep brand scored with the whole nation with its “Whole Again” spot featuring Oprah Winfrey.

4. Hyundai, “Stuck”

Automakers have repeatedly shown ads where their cars can easily pass similar competitor models. But relatively few consumers care as much about passing “the guy with the Ford” as they do the “crazy dip—- with the s— hanging off his car.”

5. Ram, “Farmer”

This commercial doesn’t really focus on Ram trucks as much as it does farmers. Still, it scored extremely well immediately following its airing.

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