Day 3: The 2012 MLB Road Trip

by karlhenk

Washington — Remember the heat from New York on Wednesday? It followed us to the nation’s capital on Thursday, getting as hot as 107 degrees, according to the oft-referenced Chevrolet Cruze.

Luckily, the Tampa Bay-Washington game got started after 7 p.m., giving us some relief from the heat, which clearly played some role with both starters, Matt Moore for the Rays and Gio Gonzalez for the Nationals.


The interesting — and immediate — observation about Nationals fans is that they not only filled out most of the ballpark — moreso than the Yankees and Mets a day earlier — but that they also provided a fun, lighthearted gametime atmosphere.

(And they’re knowledgeable: a group in right field on multiple occasions heckled Tampa Bay reliever Jose Peralta with chants of “pine tar” after his embarrassing on-field glove faux pas earlier in the week.)

Observations from Thursday:

Twitter: The Nationals list Twitter handles on the scoreboard below player stats. Not sure how many teams do this, but all should.

Georgetown University: The surrounding areas make for great night life, including Martin’s Tavern, the bar where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie and has served every U.S. president since Harry Truman, except for President Barack Obama. (Times running out Barack!)

District of Columbia: Yes, Nationals Park is the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium in the country, but there’s a lot happening in the surrounding blocks of Southeast DC. Outside a parking structure sat an entire block of new construction. Not much is happening in the legislature, but the district is flourishing in many areas.


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