Day 1: The 2012 MLB Road Trip

by karlhenk

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Boston — As bad as a nearly uninterrupted 14 1/2 hour car ride sounds, it’s only as long as you stay awake.

And despite the terrific gas mileage and spacious interior, the Chevrolet Cruze is not the comfortable vehicle in which to sleep.

Today’s video: Alfredo Acevas strikes out Hanley Ramirez to cap Boston’s Tuesday night victory over Miami.

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Highlights of Day 1:

Sam Adams Brewery: Simple rundown of how America’s No. 1 craft brew is created. Had the opportunity to sample Boston Red Brick, an Irish Red Ale.

Downtown Boston: Where the locals walk fast and as if they are constantly blindfolded. Active afternoon crowd, epically at Boston Commons, the nation’s oldest public park.


The Atlantic Ocean: Slept for a good 45 minutes without a towel and woke up with a mouthful of sand. Not bad for weather that didn’t top 80 degrees.

Fenway Park: Accessibility was phenomenal (unlike the strict security at Comerica Park). Was able to see from almost every angle of the ballpark. Not a whole lot of extras to view inside the stadium, but the weekend atmosphere on a Tuesday night more than made up for it.


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