The 2012 MLB Road Trip

by karlhenk

Detroit — It’s one thing to visit Fenway Park. It’s another to visit Yankee Stadium.

A seven-stadium, six-day baseball trip begins at Fenway Park June 19.

It’s a whole different ball game to visit both — and five other stadiums in a six-day stretch.

But if you think watching seven baseball games at seven unique venues couldn’t get better, you may want to reconsider. Split among four baseball fans:

The tickets cost $112 a person.

The hotels, just about the same.

Gas will run somewhere around $50.

In the perfect mix of sports and business, it won’t just be a memorable trip — it’ll also be frugal.

And oh yeah, there will be seven above-average ball games:

June 19: Miami Marlins at Boston Red Sox

June 20: Atlanta Braves at New York Yankees

June 20: Baltimore Orioles at New York Mets

June 21: Tampa Bay Rays at Washington Nationals

June 22: Tampa Bay Rays at Philadelphia Phillies

June 23: Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles

June 24: Detroit Tigers at Pittsburgh Pirates

Follow the nearly 2,000-mile trip — which will undoubtedly include tourist traps, incredible food and the best brews — right here. Pictures, video, commentary will be posted daily. The fun starts June 19.

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